A little bit about CleanSnipe

CleanSnipe has done more for my impluse buying habit then any theripist ever could.

~ Mike Jones

Deal Tracking History

CleanSnipe was started back in 2006 when two ski bums from Jackson Hole, WY wanted a better way to keep tabs on the one deal at a time web site - Steep and Cheap.

The first few versions of the site focused on showing deals from just 3 sites. Over the years the site has evolved and grown in popularity. CleanSnipe now showcases deals from over 100 Merchants, We have a proprietary deal sorting algorythym, price alerts, consolidated emails, and exclusive promotions for our members.

Site users have always been very important to us. We love to hear your feeback about new deal tracking functionality or site ideas. If you have an idea please share it in our forum and we will be sure to reply.