CleanSnipe Merchant Services

CleanSnipe provides a full tool set for store owners to drive new customers, target sales and liquidate close out inventory direct.

The right product for the right customer

Have an over stock ski that you want to promote to people who have recently purchased ski boots - We can do that

Have some left over board shorts you want to get infront of surfers - we got ya covered

Trail running shoes for ....... well you get the point

With lazer like precision the CleanSnipe platform utilizes a propretary algoryithm based on our users behavior to suggest products and deals that match their interests.

Suggested products from our algoryithm have a 36% higher chance of purchase.

Merchant Application

We are currently accepting application from merchants to become part of CleanSnipes ever growing network of deals.

Apply Now

The best way for merchants to become integrated in our platform is to become a merchant on the Avantlink platform If you are currently a merchant on the Avantlink network please include your merchant ID in your application request.