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FurHaven Plush Sofa Pet Bed Bundles (Your Choice)


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How deep is your dog's love? We all think that our dogs love us because they go crazy when they see us and they look at us with those gooey puppy-dog eyes. But our dogs also go equally crazy for a well-thrown tennis ball and they'll dole out their gooey-eyed look to anyone who rustles some food packaging in their direction.The cold hard truth is that your dog doesn't just love you for you. Your dog loves you for the treats you give her and the times you throw the ball for her and the safe home you provide her. Your dog doesn't think you're a beautiful special person; your dog thinks you're a beautiful special treat dispensing walk machine.But is that really so bad? Are a few treats and tennis ball tosses really such a high price to pay for the love of a dog? We certainly can't bribe our friends and family members into loving us for so low a price. And cats? Everyone knows that their love is unattainable.Look, we're not trying to make you ask yourself the deep questions about your relationship with your dog. All we're really saying here is that your dog needs somewhere cozy to sleep and you need a endless fountain of love, support, and understanding. Is that really such a bad deal? Read more



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