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Womens NFL Logo Raglan Shirt


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Are you ready for some football? Which reminds us...does that iconic line from "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight" by country music legend Hank Williams Jr. ever get old? We'll take the liberty to answer for you - nope! Even if you're not a regular fan of country music, you still gotta admit that song kinda gets to you. Whether it's from growing up watching Monday Night Football on TV (for which Williams even reworked a version of the song to be "All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night" to serve as the opening theme) to just hearing that line and immediately being reminded of stadium lights and roaring crowds, it's a killa. It's almost become as recognizable as those first four notes to Johnny Pearson's "Heavy Action" (the instrumental music you always hear whenever you turn on an NFL football game on TV). Which reminds us: Have you ever done some research on how Monday Night Football became the national TV pastime that it is today? We highly recommend Googling'll blow your mind! But back to our original point: If you are ready for some football - what a dumb question, right?! You're always ready for football! - then make sure you're ready to rep your favorite sport with this Womens NFL Logo Raglan Shirt! It's officially licensed gear made of a comfy tri-blend material, giving you the perfect reason to start the season out with some fresh football gear of your own! Wear it to your next game or, better yet, all year round!



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